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Earthquake Hits NYC
2 miles below New York City, while working on a top secret project for the US Government, a team of scientist created a deadly nuclear weapon that is about to be accidentally unleashed onto the world. When a suspicious fire breaks out in the lab, the nuclear weapon detonates, shaking NYC to the core.

Wanting to keep its work secret, a cover-up begins when the government declares the disaster an earthquake while trying to burry the truth. But when an amateur seismologist realizes that the facts the government is giving have been falsified, he turns to a young reporter to help uncover the mystery.

They must work together to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and find the truth, all while the city above them starts to crumble.


Inventors son
Being the son of a famous inventor was never an easy thing for James Petterson. Following in the footsteps of his father, James attempted to become an inventor himself, but things never went the right way.

In the summer of 1999, James's father passed away, leaving him only the house and a book of inventions that were never finished. One of ideas left behind by the famous inventor was that for the ultimate time travel machine. With the instructions laid out, James took the challenge to build his fathers dream.

But when greed strikes, James actions could change the world forever. He opens a successful business, finds true love, and lives a separate life in 1956. The moving story of a man and his time machine. The Inventor's son will take you on an emotional journey through time and the human spirit.

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